XAMLNews #0002


XAML News for May 12, 2015

Build 2015 recap for XAML and native apps
by Tim Heuer
Our team had some representation in some deep-dive sessions from Build and the recordings are all now available…here’s a list for you to queue up

Windows 8 XAML Tips – Trigger Behaviors
by Fons Sonnemans
In the Windows 8.1 ‘Behavior SDK’ the Triggers are replaced by Trigger Behaviors. You only get the DataTriggerBehavior and EventTriggerBehavior but you can write your own

What’s new in Windows 10 – Property Changed Notifications
by Nigel Sampson
Today we’ll look at DependencyProperty changed notifications.

MenuFlyout subitems in Windows 10 Universal apps
by Igor Ralic
A very useful new feature has been added to MenuFlyouts in Windows 10 Universal apps: from now on, we can add subitems/submenus, which allows us to group items and open/show them as requested

How to make a Windows Store game with C# and XAML, part 1
by Jani Nevalainen
As there’s currently shortage of beginner level game programming tutorials for Universal Apps, I thought I’d share you how I did a simple shoot’em up for Windows and Windows Phone with shared code

Changing the Foreground Colour of an XAML Control Using a Binding Convertor
by Matt Hadden
The great thing about XAML is that you can easily change the foreground colour of controls, such as a TextBlock, to be exactly what you want it to be

XAML Spy Introduction
by Koen Zwikstra
XAML Spy is the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store and WPF apps.

XAML from ZERO – 0002 [Clicking buttons/Changing text]
by Dave Campbell
I’m going to talk quickly about buttons and receiving notification when the button is clicked, and then doing something useful when that happens

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XAMLNews #0001


XAML News for May 9, 2015

Add Newline or line break in the Text attribute of TextBlock in Xaml by Senthil Kumar
If you want to add the line break or newline within the string attribute of the TextBlock<‘s Text property , you can use the hexidecimal encoded value &#x0a; which represents the line feed.
Making circular images in XAML by Tim Heuer
A long while back it seemed like the new cool app thing to do was to represent people/avatars in circles instead of the squares (or squares with rounded corners). I made a snarky comment about this myself almost exactly 2 years ago when I noticed that some apps I was using at the time switched to this

Playing wave files in Windows 10 with sharpdx, C# and XAML by Loek Van Den Ouweland
After trying the MediaElement in a Windows 10 Universal App, it seems it is still not the best choice for playing (fire-and-forget) wav files. It pops, clicks and cuts off samples. At least on my Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 10061).

Binding to Enum in Universal apps with localization by Marco Minerva
When we work with enums, we may want to display description messages associated to symbolic names

Declaring a XAML button programmatically and preventing it from vanishing on mouse over by grantmestrength
Sometimes I like to make life difficult for myself, or at least it seems that way. For example, I’m apparently a bit mad, because when writing Windows Store apps I’d sometimes rather declare the various buttons and other UI elements in my C# source code, rather than in XAML

Windows XAML Tips – ResourceDictionary with CodeBehind by Fons Sonnemans
This week I learned a new feature which I thought wasn’t possible. I learned how you can place DataTemplates with eventhandlers into ResouceDictionaries

3 dangers of Windows RelativePanel by Igor Ralic
there are some dangers and scenarios to keep in mind when defining the layout using RelativePanel and it will take some time for developers to get used to it.

XAML from ZERO – 0001 by WindowsDevNews
This series of blog-posts is intended for people wanting to learn XAML, and C# in usage with XAML.
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